Welcome on the official site of Super Fourmi ! Super Ant !

Before running our program, please read the sfourmi.html include in the zip or go to the install section.

Note that unstable version could have many bugs.

What is SFourmi ? SuperAnt ?

Super fourmi is a simulation of one or more ants' nest with the outdoor too. This program that will use fuzzy logic and maybe genetic algorithm was entirely written in C++. For convenience and for speed, we use directX under win32 and SDL or gtk under linux.

If you are interested in ants because you were impressed by their organization when you were a child, if you are still wondering how grows and lives an ants' nest, if you want to learn something usefull for your social life, just navigate through this site for information (project,photos) and don't forget to download the binary in the yellow box.

Tran Ngoc Michel(sfourmi.log@online.fr)

Functionnalities: (stable version 0.37)

-You can set up more than one ant's colony at the start. Now the SFsetup box is an easy way to configure the game before you start.

-Some ennemies were added.

-Users can handle some stuffs like giving food...that's the beginning of a great game.

-Sfourmi works on a lot of OS: *BSD, linux(SDL or gtk), win32(directX or SDL). This proves that our code is quite neat: how could we manage so many OS with a dirty code ?

Coming soon:

+More interactivity: I hope that the user will be able to move, change, handle the environment and the ants; like selecting an ant and forcing it to do an action. I would be really happy if we could interact a little bit more with them in order to play with them instead of staying and watching their movements.

+More realistic: The actions of each classes (queen, worker, guard) will be somewhat more complex and the intelligence of all the creatures may be much improved.

+Enhanced graphics: TATMF promises us better graphisms that should blind your eyes. Some samples are stored in the photos section.

Unstable version: (0.41)

Version .41 rev 0 :: 09/11/2001

* Mainly reorganization that takes time now but should help the development later. We don't want to be stuck !

* speed has been improved but it doesn't run under win2000(nt) (is that clearly true ?)

*The next version will still be a programmer release because of internal reorganizations. However version 0.43 will contain a lot of new features. So wait a little bit and your eyes will blow up !

Version .40 rev 48 :: 09/07/2001

* FoV of ants gets better

* Common heredity for the ants of the same nest improved

* Speed slider

Version .39 revision 492 beta:: 05/25/2001

* transparency for gtk but SLOW

* Save function is normaly okay

* Keys and display are okay under GTK

Version .38 revision 2014 beta:: 04/15/2001

* Some bugs have been eliminated

Last Update:


A Game of life

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